G-Shock GPW1000 is First Watch with Hybrid GPS, Promises Crazy Accurate Timekeeping

G-Shock-GPW-1000-GPS-watchDon’t worry, guys – the G-Shock GPW1000 always has the right time. Like, always.

Casio is over in Basel, Switzerland right now, showing off a few new watches for 2014. One of those is the G-Shock GPW1000, and it’s aiming to be the most accurate timepiece yet. The watch is the first ever to have a hybrid GPS-time calibration system. What? All that means is that wherever you are in the world, your watch will be able to receive radio waves from one of six stations set up around the world, each of which keeps perfect time, right down to the second. So, no more resetting this thing when you change time zones. No matter what, the time will always be right on the GPW1000 – just don’t let the battery die.

Of course, this is also a G-Shock watch, so you know it’s going to be shock resistant. On top of that, the GPS technology embedded is designed to consume very low amounts of power, so that battery should be lasting you a long, long time.

When will you be able to get your hands on the G-Shock GPW1000? Time will tell.