How to Get the Most Out of Twitter’s Redesign

Twitter has begun rolling out its latest redesign, with hopes to engage new users, while offering older ones new outlets for creativity.  So what does that mean? It means, that you really need to show off some good photos if you want to get noticed! To that effect, the new design is wider, louder, and much more showy than before. And there is a reason why Twitter’s most recent update will allow you to showcase 1 to 4 images per tweet. Its latest design is the perfect platform for showing off some gorgeous or not so gorgeous pics.

In an ironic twist of fate, we have decided to revive the @helenastone Twitter account which has never been used. Lo and behold, this account was one of the lucky to be privy to the new Twitter redesign. We were given the choice to either continue on with yesterday’s design, or be graced with this fresh and much more powerfully seductive Twitter layout. We chose the latter of course.

Below is a handy, dandy ‘Getting Started Guide’ for those who will be graced with the new Twitter look very soon.

Twitter New Design

1. Everything merges over and is given more prominence now. On the left you will find your name, bio, date you joined, and website.  If you had all of this information filled out before, everything will carry over quite nicely to the new design.


2. By clicking Edit Profile, you will unlock several areas that will become editable fields: this includes the Profile Photo, Header Photo, Theme Color, and Profile Description.

3. You’ll want to make your new Twitter profile pop. And there is a lot of room for creativity here at your fingertips. So dig into your wayward collection of photos, Memes, or cartoons that best describe you and make a statement. There is only one chance for you to get that ‘Follow,’ so make it good one.

Twitter New Design

4. Talking about photos, your Profile Photo is now bigger than ever, 400×400 to be exact. So you’ll want it to be impressive. On your Twitter profile page it will show half the size, but once it is clicked and enlarged – you want it to be impactful.

Twitter New Design

5. 1500×500 is the size of the header photo. Now, we haven’t been fans of awkward header sizes, ever since Facebook and then Google+ introduced them sometime ago. Thankfully, Google+ corrected their awful header size a while back. And now Twitter’s header size is just big enough to do something unique without getting cut off. It can also be repositioned and scaled so it is just right. This enables the best perspective for your header photo. So get cracking, you have a lot of space to fill, and not everyone wants to see Pantone colors.

6. Pick a Theme color – be original and pick the color that best suits you. You don’t have to be married to it, but if you want it to stand out – pick a color that best represents your mood at the moment or the color that has always whispered to your soul. You have all of the colors of the rainbow at your disposal, just move that slider up and down and make it your own.

Twitter New Design

7. For now, premade themes are still available, but our suggestion is to keep it clean. Customization is still available as noted above or you can upload a background image that speaks to more of who you are.

Twitter New Design

8. You are still limited to 140 Characters, but now you will know when you have reached that limit when words become highlighted. So make sure to keep it short and sweet but typo free. Remember, everything is bigger now,even 140 character blurbs.

Twitter New Design

In the end, this isn’t life or death, just your Social Media presence being put on display for all to see. So make it worthwhile.



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  1. I avent gotten the new layout yet. I have to admit I hate change. They changed links only a few months ago. Thanks for the nice preview!

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