Here We Go Again, The Latest iPhone 6 Rumors


Here’s your regular iPhone 6 rumor update. There have indeed been some new developments, as we continue the inexorable march to fall and the new smartphone that Apple will bestow upon us.

First and foremost, it’s looking very, very thin, if schematics from MacFan, a Japanese magazine, are to be believed. Those schematics were snatched up by a French website, Nowhereelse.fr, which created very nice looking images that will almost certainly not be what the iPhone 6 looks like. But, the images, now on MacRumors, could give you an idea – the phone would be 7.1 mm thick, with rounded corners. It’d look like a smaller iPad Air, which might make sense considering Apple’s usual preoccupation with style and uniformity.

These mockups have sapphire glass, the super-strong, scratch-proof material we mentioned in earlier iPhone 6 rumors, with an edge-to-edge display. You’ll see both the 4.7” model and the larger 5.7” model that has also been rumored. A MacRumors report suggests that that larger phone might actually be a 5.5” model, and could be delayed past the fall release of the 4.7” model due to production issues.

Finally, there are blurry pictures from China, supposedly from a Foxconn factory – aka the most reliable kind of rumors. These pictures, posted by MacRumors, appear to show a phone similar to the mockup above – a tall, extremely thin phone with rounded corners. It looks like you could snap it in half without much effort, but considering these phones could have sapphire glass all the way around, well, good luck with that.

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