Kale Fanatics Say Hello to Kalettes – the Kale and Brussels Sprout Love Child

kalettesI’m not 100 percent sure, but I think I had a nightmare about this when I was 10. Science has done terrible wonders, turning kale and Brussels sprouts into leafy, green versions of Goten and Trunks and fusing them into a far more powerful vegetable. The result of this fusion dance is called the kalette.

The good news is that nothing too untoward went down in the making of kalettes – these aren’t genetically modified organisms, in the laboratory sense. Instead, Tozer Seeds did things the old-fashioned way, cross-planting kale and sprout varieties over the course of many years like 21st century Gregor Mendels. 15 years of tinkering has yielded the kalette, which looks like kale in the body of a Brussels sprout. The high nutritional value of kale has been carried over, combined with a sweeter, milder Brussels sprout taste. Somewhere, in 1997, I’m shuddering in horror.

Anyway, lucky folks in the UK have been enjoying their kalettes under the name of Flower Sprouts since 2010. The good times will roll on to North America this fall, so start tinkering with your recipes to get them ready for America’s Next Top Vegetable now.

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