Lady Gaga Breaks G.U.Y. Down into 10 Helpful GIFs

If Lady Gaga’s latest music video is too long for you to watch – no worries. Mother Monster has chopped up the video into 10 bit-size GIFS that highlight the most important takeaways from G.U.Y. Visually, there is a lot going on in G.U.Y. – half of it doesn’t make sense (well most of it) other parts are just filled with glorious bits of pop-culture references. So in order for you to really appreciate everything that is going on, G.U.Y. can now be distributed and dissected in little pieces for all of your friends to chew on.

The GIFS include: The Housewives of Beverly Hills scene (sans Andy Cohen), Lady Gaga adorned with wings, Lady Gaga in different dance moves withering about with a bow and arrow, Lady Gaga dancing without bow and arrow, Lady Gaga doing her best impersonation of Donatella Versace, a Minecraft reference, and Gaga being a badass with Lisa Vanderpump. Enjoy!










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