LEGO Fan Uses Her Skill To Create Best Résumé Ever

LEGO LEAHAnyone who still thinks of LEGO as a boys’ toy should have reconsidered that notion a really, really long time ago. But, if they somehow haven’t yet, what Leah has done should definitely change their minds. The intrepid young job-seeker (literally) built her résumé around the use of LEGO.

Leah, who is looking for an internship, didn’t just build herself out of LEGO bricks and slap the picture on a cover sheet. She went all the way, making a fully LEGO-themed résumé, turning job skills and experience into an instruction manual on how to build the perfect intern. It’s creative – nice because she’s looking for design experience – and a pretty good metaphor for the résumé creation process itself.

There’s even a flashy advertising poster that Leah needed to make for one specific application – although to be fair, she had to adjust her masterpiece of a résumé for each job, as all good job seekers must. Credit to her, not just for the awesome use of LEGO, which is cool enough to where we could just leave it there. It’s also an impressive way of standing out – something that all current job seekers know is almost always way more important than the actual contents of your résumé.

Via GeekSugar


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