Lenovo Rolls Out 6 New PCs, Including Svelte A540 All-in-one

Lenovo A540 Desktop AIO

Lenovo announced six new PCs today, the centerpiece being a new family-friendly all-in-one computer that sounds like it’s been designed for the living room.

Following the trend of computer-as-entertainment center, the new A540 AIO is slim and adjustable, with the promise of solid visuals. It has a 23.8” 1920 x 1080 IPS display, housed in an aluminum shell. An Intel Haswell core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 840A graphics processor do the heavy lifting, while audio is handled by JBL speakers and Dolby Home Theatre. If the A540 so far sounds like something that could stand in for a television, this will seal the deal – you have the option to buy it with a TV tuner installed. You can even get the angle just right – it’s adjustable between -5 degrees and 90 degrees. Making the A540 even more living room-friendly is Lenovo Motion Control, which opens up a set of 12 gestures that can be used to execute commands like volume control and play/pause. Windows 8.1, NFC, and ten-point multitouch round out what we know for now.


Joining the A540 are the B50, G50, Z40, and Z50 laptops. The B50 is a business-oriented machine running on a Haswell processor, while the G50 is similar, but aimed at a broader audience. The Z series offerings will focus more on entertainment, with standard 1920 x 1080 displays and discrete AMD graphics processors. Lenovo is also introducing an update to the Flex, their not-as-flexible-as-the-Yoga laptop. The 300 degree hinge remains, along with 1920 x 1080 displays, Haswell processors, and NVIDIA graphics processors. That said, you can get the Flex 2 with AMD for both the processor and graphics, if you want.


The Lenovo A540 AIO will drop in July for $1,280, with the B50 and G50 laptops following for $400 each. The Z40 and Z50 will both start at $580, with the former coming in May and the latter in August. The Flex 2 will start at $800 for the 14” model and $430 for the 15.6” model, both of which will be available in June.

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