This iPhone 5s Case is also a Portable Makeup Compact

portfolio4-c1We’re usually not fans of bulky smartphone cases here, but we’ll give a pass to the Mia Case. It’s a new iPhone 5/5S case that doubles as a makeup compact, which is awesome, because I don’t think you’re going to be able to make calls on your current makeup compact anytime soon.

The back of the Mia Case flips open, where you’ll find a mirror and space for three cosmetics pans and application brushes. The case comes with a couple of brushes, too, so all you need to do is throw a few go-to colors in the back of the case and you’re good to go. For the convenience, the little bit of added bulk seems worth it.

The Mia Case costs $30 and comes in gold, white, and black, so you can get whichever cases matches your phone. Or go for the contrast, if that’s your thing.

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