Bloom Necklace Transforms Shine into Wearable Jewerly


Misfit is a company that goes for fashion first when creating wearable tech. They started with Shine, a fitness and sleep tracker in the form of an elegant disc that can be worn in several different ways. Thing is, while the Shine itself looked the part, the watch bands and necklaces were pretty pedestrian. That all changes with Bloom, a necklace made by Misfit just for Shine.

The Bloom Necklace has an 18” chain and pendant, both made of stainless steel. It looks classy, which makes sense – that was the whole point behind Shine in the first place. The sleek disc clashed with the cheap bands and necklaces it was getting paired with before. Shine matches perfectly with Bloom, clipping onto the pendant easily to make it look like Shine is a part of the necklace itself, rather than a glaring appendage. You can choose to have Shine facing outwards, or flip to pendant around to show off the kaleidoscope-like design on the back of the pendant. Looks great either way.

You can put in an order for the Bloom Necklace (which doesn’t include Shine) for $80 from Misfit.

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