Neat Freaks Will Love These Bed Sheets

percale pocket sheetsWe’re getting into dangerous territory here. The world keeps on making it easier and easier for us to stay in bed, and never leave. This is good and bad, for equally obvious reasons. But now! Now, we’re really getting into it. Tired of laying in bed and reaching all the way over to the top of the nightstand for your phone when you wake up? No more arm stretching before you’re good and ready to. We have pocket sheets.

This sheet set, of percale cotton, is a sheet set like any other. Except! The fitted sheet, renowned for its ability to not move while you are sleeping, has pockets situated right on the side of the bed, near where your pillow would be. That’s where your essentials – phone, TV remote, maybe tablet if you can jam it in there – will be, resting alongside you, until you wake. Then they’ll be there, just an arm’s length – no, less – away when you reluctantly open those eyes in the morning, ready to greet you. It’s like having your dog in bed with you, just colder, and with Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can get the Percale Pocket Sheet Set discounted from JCPenney for $55. I’d hold out until they add a cupholder, though.

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