Opera Coast Gives Users an App-Like Browsing Experience


The browser conversation usually gets limited to Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (all right, Internet Explorer, you get in here, too). Opera is usually the forgotten player, but they’re coming out with a new mobile web browser that might just be more user friendly than anything else.

The world of mobile tech is dominated by apps, to the point where a mobile web browser often feels like an ill-fitting carryover from traditional desktop computing. The Opera Coast Web Browser is trying to make mobile web browsing feel more mobile. One way they’re doing that is by letting you save bookmarked sites as app icons you can tap on while you’re on the Opera Coast home page.

That’s more or less cosmetic, though. The best parts of Opera Coast are the gesture and swiping controls that they’ve implemented to make browsing and navigation feel more natural. Basically, there’s going to be a lot less fruitless tapping at buttons that are far too small, which is a win for anyone with a mobile device.

The Opera Coast Web Browser is available now for free on the iTunes App Store.

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