This Paper Machine Gun is as Safe as it Gets

machinegunToday in things you should probably never take out in public is this paper submachine gun – if you’re looking for the craft store opposite of paper dolls, I believe you’ve found it.

Whoever made this monument to rapid fire wasn’t messing around – this is a faithful recreation of the Heckler & Koch MP7A1 submachine gun. Now, keeping in mind that this is all paper, the model has a removable clip, an extendable stock, and a folding front grip. From afar, well, it kinda looks real enough. So, you know, maybe just brandish this thing at the office, preferably if you catch someone stealing your paper clips or something.

This is a serious piece of papercraft, which I’m not sure is a phrase I ever imagined myself producing. Be that as it may, you’ll probably want to be comfortable with your craft skills before putting down coin for this majestic evolution of the cardboard tube sword. The Paper Submachine Gun will run you $41.89 on Firebox.

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