Picture Perch-fect Birdhouse Makes CCTV Look Endearing

bird-cameraIt’s a birdhouse! It’s a crime deterrent! It’s both – it’s the Big Brother of all birdhouses.

The wonderfully named Picture Perch-fect Birdhouse looks from afar like you have your home under CCTV surveillance. Even says CCTV on the side! Closer inspection reveals the wooden post that birds can perch on, but hopefully would-be intruders miss that little detail. It’s doubleplusgood! So birdies looking for their close-up, will certainly want to perch themselves on this adorable house.

The Orwellian loft that birds will no doubt (really, no doubt) come to love can be yours off ModCloth for $25. Get enough of them, and you might be able recreate The Birds, only creepier. That’s an ambition anyone can get behind!

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