Retro Inspired Radio Will Make You Think it’s 1975


Few things are as proven – take modern technology, make it look a few decades old, and you have a winner. The QFX High Sensitive World Receiver Stereo (I think maybe they messed up the name, but I’m working with what I have) is just that – a speaker designed to look like an old radio from the ’60s or ’70s.

Of course, it does a lot more than play AM and FM radio – although it does do that. The knobs aren’t just for show. It can play mp3s as well, and has an earphone jack. Unfortunately, they might have gotten a little too retro with this one – there’s no rechargeable battery, so you’ll need to get the old kind that die and then accumulate in the drawer where you put stuff you don’t know what to do with.

You can find the QFX High Sensitive World Receiver Stereo on Urban Outfitters for $50.

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