Selfie Fail: Elephant Not Interested in Taking a Selfie with Kim Kardashian


Yet more proof arrives that, unlike 2013, 2014 will most definitely not be the year of the selfie. Because now, even the animal kingdom has decided they’ve seen just about enough.

Pictured above is an elephant in Thailand emphatically rejecting Kim Kardashian’s blatant attempt at invasion of privacy, no doubt intending on sharing the photo and tagging the elephant without its consent. The selfie, which the elephant was simply not having, was attempted during one of who knows how many vacations that family takes, this time to Thailand. I’m sure many other selfies were taken on said trip, but it’s nice to see this elephant stand tall against the scourge of oversharing on the Internet. If only more people were as proactive about protecting their digital lives.

kim-kardashian-kris-jenner (1)
Silly, silly Kim – the Elephant wants none of that.

I guess this isn’t as bad as Kim getting the expected amount of derision hurled at her for gracing the apparently sacrosanct cover of Vogue with Kanye West, though. After appearing on the cover and providing photos of her, Kanye, and their kid, the incomparably named North West, there was much hand-wringing about Kardashian not having the model pedigree for a mag like Vogue. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue‘s publication in the United States, sees nothing wrong with her decision, saying the cover isn’t just reserved for models, but anyone with an appreciable impact on pop culture. Seeing as how I’m sitting here writing about Kim’s selfie being derailed by an elephant, and you’re sitting here reading it, I have to admit Wintour makes a compelling argument.

Via NY Daily News

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  1. how is there even a pic of this? i mean, it CANT be set up by the Kartashians, can it? Maybe Kimya bet her mom free botox that she could swallow the elephants truck. Kim aint nothing but a talentless no class money loving fame whore.

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