Finally, Skype Group Video Calling is Free Without a Premium Account

xboxone1Skype is finally (finally) offering free group video calling. Finally.

Previously, you needed a premium Skype account to have a group Skype call. That was a little ridiculous, considering Google Hangouts and ooVoo have been offering that pretty much as long as both of those services have existed. But, Skype still seems to be a little better entrenched than either of those other services, so it’s nice to see that Microsoft has seen the light and decided to let us have our group rant sessions/recipe exchanges/TV show viewings for no extra charge.

And, here’s another extra bonus – as confirmed by a Skype rep in the comments section of the Skype blog post, screen sharing in group calls will also now be free. For now, the new freebies will only be available on Windows, Mac, and Xbox One, but Microsoft is planning on bringing free group calling and screen share to all platforms eventually.

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