Soundwall Partners with Kidrobot for Smorkin’ Labbits

kozik_swNot too long ago, we took a look at Soundwall, a brand new mashup of artistry and sound. Well, the combination of speaker system and art print just invites collaboration with leading artists and designers, so this new piece is no surprise – a rabbit with no regard for the rules.

Smorkin’ Labbit is the brainchild of Frank Kozik, who has gotten together with Kidrobot and Soundwall to create this new piece. The gruffest rabbit ever is lighting it up on a 36” x 36” Soundwall, so that’s 36” x 36” of pure speaker pumping out music wherever you hang this, too. Well, the music’s a nice bonus, anyway. We both know you’re getting this for the rabbit with stubble.

Being art, the Soundwall incarnation of Smorkin’ Labbits doesn’t come cheap. The most rebelliously cool rabbit speaker painting (OK, probably the only) will run you $1,600 on Kidrobot.

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