Tastebuds Lets Music Be Your Matchmaker


Looking to meet new people? Well, it’s going to be music festival season soon, and historically speaking, music’s been pretty good at getting people together. A new app called Tastebuds is looking to facilitate that, by helping like-minded music fans meet and strike up conversations.

Tastebuds gets started by scanning your iOS device – only iOS devices, for now – for music stored locally. Once it does that, you’ll get put into multiple categories according to genre and artist. Then, Tastebuds shows you people in the same categories in your area. Pretty simple, and that’s a good thing. The app stays out of the way, letting you chat (or not) with other music fans, and the option to meet up is yours alone. Alex Parish, a co-founder of the app, says Tastebuds has the ‘the highest response rate to messages of any social discovery service’ – not bad.

Tastebuds is available for free for iOS devices. No word yet on whether or not it’ll be coming to Android or other platforms.

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