TODAY Show First to Reveal New Twitter Redesign


Is it redesign season? I’m not sure if the powers that be have given April that official designation yet, but we’ve got two big UI changes hitting in a pretty short span. A lot of you have probably noticed the Facebook redesign that’s been rolling out, and if you haven’t, you will soon. Well, that’s going to be followed up by a Twitter redesign, which was unveiled exclusively today on…TODAY.

The new Twitter look, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks, bears some similarity to Facebook, at least up top. Your header image and profile image will now be situated like it is on Facebook – a larger header image (Twitter’s will go edge-to-edge, horizontally), with the profile image a little bigger than before and just below the lower left quadrant of the header. Once you head down to your feed, you’ll noticed that heavily favorited or retweeted tweets will appear a little larger. As for your own timeline, you can pin tweets to have them appear near the top of your profile, if you want. Another nice new feature is the ability to look at only images or videos that have been tweeted while you’re looking at someone’s timeline.


Most of us will have to wait until sometime later this month to look at the new changes, but Twitter, probably in an effort to bump up their user count, is giving all new users the redesign immediately. It’s worth noting that one investor concern after Twitter’s first quarterly statement post-IPO was a slowing intake of new users – we’ll have to see how effective of a carrot offering first access to the new look is.

For a closer look at the new Twitter, check out the video of the announcement over on TODAY.

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