Tokidoki Steps Up to the Plate with Colorful MLB Partnership


I don’t know what the Venn diagram of baseball fans and tokidoki fans looks like, but apparently the overlap is big enough to warrant a brand new merchandise partnership. Starting this season, you can find all of your favorite tokidoki characters sporting MLB logos – all licensed, of course.

Just about the whole tokidoki roster will be coming up to bat, but at least for now, they’re only going to be playing for a few teams. The big money markets will be the first to see the crossover merch – the Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees will all be involved as the new goods start rolling out for the beginning of baseball season. Later, during the summer, you’ll start to see tokidoki characters rocking gear from the Mariners, Tigers, Rangers, Padres, Cubs, White Sox, Mets, and Phillies. If you’re in the unfortunate ‘everyone else’ group, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until 2015. Sorry Marlins fans, all five of you.

For those fans that are going to get in on the act this year, there will be a veritable bounty of merch. Hats, apparel, cups, plush toys, tech accessories – basically, anything you can buy at the club store in the stadium for 200-300 percent markup, you can find a tokidoki version of online. So, if you’re a Giants, Dodgers, Yankees, or Red Sox fan, stop fighting with each other, at least until the playoffs start, and head over to mlb.com or tokidoki.it, where things you can buy with money will be appearing sooner rather than later.

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