UberRUSH Makes Your Jason Gordon Levitt Dreams Come True


Uber is slowly but surely taking over our lives. If any app wants to feed our laziness, Uber would be it. After all, hailing a cab was so last year and apparently so is using a phone to call for messenger service.

UberRush is a new feature now being introduced into your Uber App, that has gone live today. For those that don’t have access to a traditional messenger service, this is an ideal app that will get your most important packages or items from ‘Point A to Point B.’  I know, we are all hoping Jason Gordon Levitt will be our messenger to handle our precious wares, but it probably won’t be him. But fear not because the messenger chosen for your package has gone through an intense screening process. This has been done for your safety and the item being messengered.


Prices will be based on different zones throughout the city, but a flat $15 will be charged when a messenger is sent to pick-up and deliver within the same zone.

Uber suggests that you place your requests between 8am to 6pm, guaranteeing a speedy arrival. Keep in mind there will be no COA (Cash on Arrival deliveries) and for now, over-sized packages may be declined. A messenger could arrive by foot or by bike too. So offer the poor dude or dudette a glass of water or paper towel to wipe-off their brow.

So far, Manhattan is the recipient of this fancy messenger service at your fingertips and that only includes zones below 110th Street. UberRUSH is in beta right now and if popularity creates demand, then this could become a staple item of the Uber services platform. So hurry up and place that messenger service now, for each delivery, a $1 donation will be given to the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund(BMEF).

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