Urbanears Plattan Headphones Land at H&M

HMHeadphonesDo you <3 music? Do you <3 H&M? <3 Urbanears? Well, Urbanears and H&M <3 each other and music, so it looks like we’ve got one big <3-fest on our hands.

Coming well ahead of summer (or festival season, as it’s now known), the Urbanears Plattan H&M <3 Music Edition headphones are ready to be, well, mostly a fashion accessory. But they do play music! The headphones are still the basic Urbanears Plattan model that has gone mostly unchanged for years, just with three new designs. They do include one of the few updates to the Plattan line – the ZoundPlug, a headphone jack on the bottom of one of the earcups that allows you to chain a bunch of headphones together to share whatever music you’re listening to.

Eventually, there will be three new designs, but for now, H&M and Urbanears are only unveiling one – a black faux-snakeskin design that definitely has a desert vibe, if you’re going to Coachella. You can pick them up at H&M now for $50.

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