USB Electric Sewing Machine, Because There is a USB Version of Everything

usbsewingHey, you can laugh, but you can’t tell me there hasn’t been a moment or two in your life when a handheld, USB-powered sewing machine would have come in handy. OK, literally one or two moments, tops, but you know once you get this, you’ll be looking for reasons to justify this purchase anyway.

The USB Electric Sewing Machine is small enough to fit in a handbag or purse, so you can fulfill all your tailoring and alteration needs on the go. I guarantee you will save someone’s (social) life with this one day. That life might even be your own!

As implied, it’s USB powered, but that doesn’t mean it has rechargeable batteries. If you’re out and about and not in range of USB power, you can still use it, but you’ll need four AA batteries (remember those?).

By now, you’ve probably already got a respectable stable of USB-powered devices – might as well add to the collection. You can get the USB Electric Sewing Machine off Japan Trend Shop for $46, plus $17 for shipping.

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