Vine Messages Wants to be the Next Snapchat

tout_show_itWhat’s better than snapping a photo and sending it off as a message? Taking a quick video and doing the same, according to the people at Vine. Vine Messages are here, and they’re going to open up a pretty interesting new way to hold conversations.

The concept is simple enough – you can now send Vines to other people, along with short messages, which can be replied to with another Vine or a text message. You’ll probably have the most fun with the former, though. One big way that communication has been shifting is that we’re going from conversations with immediate responses – a phone call or a face-to-face conversation – to ongoing conversations that people can jump in and out of – the sort that’s been perfected by Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp. Vine Messages represent maybe the first way to have that kind of ongoing conversation with video chat – both people can send short snippets of themselves talking (or something going on around them). There’s a lot more potential here than with Snapchat, which looks a little stale and limited by comparison.

That said, the Vine Messages don’t disappear, so they won’t totally be eating Snapchat’s lunch. The other thing is that, for now, you can only have 1-on-1 Vine Messages conversations. You can send Vine Messages to multiple people at once, but there’s no true group chat feature, although it seems like that could become possible in the future.

If you’re interested, grab the latest update to the Vine app for Android or iOS, which includes Vine Messages.


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