Believe it or Not, You Really Can Buy a UFO on eBay


Oh, my. We have a treat for you guys today. Ever wanted to live in a giant version of one of those spaceship things that might have been in your neighborhood playground? The one you used as a fortress during water balloon wars? Yeah, you do. Well, dreams come true! The Futuro Home, back from 1968, is up on eBay. Get yours.

This is a Futuro Home, one of many that were built by the Futuro Corporation in 1968. You probably guessed this was from the ’60s already, because everything about this represents what the future looked like in the ’60s. This particular unit, measuring 26′ x 14′, was never used as a home, but if you grew up in or around New Jersey in the ’70s or ’80s, you just might have spent some time in it. It used to be parked at Morey’s Pier, serving as the vessel for Planet of the Apes and Star Wars rides over the years.


Well, decades later, it can be all yours, to do whatever you want to do with it. But, this once-proud UFO-looking amusement ride home thing isn’t looking so hot these days, you guys. The fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic frame has taken its share of punishment over the years. The pictures show a heavily weather-worn exterior, empty spaces where window panes should be, and I’m not even going to try putting into words what’s going on on the inside. Put it this way – this thing didn’t just fly in from Omicron Persei 8. It’s what you might call a fixer-upper.

What really seals the deal are the hand-written (and drawn) directions breaking down the dimensions and how one might actually transport this thing. The good news is that transport in pieces is indeed possible, so despite all appearances, the Futuro can be sent anywhere in the world. Basically, that means you’ve found your new lair for your secret volcanic island hideout. Being that you already have said island squared away, a shade under $30,000 is just chump change, right?

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