5by App is StumbleUpon for Videos

StumbleUpon has been doing good work for years now, providing you with a steady stream of websites to waste all the time you have to waste. Well, last year, they bought out 5by, and now they’re ready to put that purchase to good use with a new app that should prove equally adept and whittling away the hours with videos.

5by is, pretty much, StumbleUpon for videos. The app draws from YouTube, Vimeo, and a bunch of other sources on the Internet, then sends them to you. Now, you can get random videos sent straight to your eyeballs, but chances are that’s going to get boring after, say, one video. 5by specializes in being a curator app – you can enter your interests, select your current mood, and tell the app how much time you have to burn. 5by delivers you a video. Or two. Or three. You know the drill if you’ve used StumbleUpon.

5by is available for free now for iOS and Android.

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