BabyFirst App Brings Interactivity to AT&T U-Verse TVs

We’re going to be getting them started right out of the womb pretty soon. AT&T has gotten together with BabyFirst to create baby’s first app – the BabyFirst U-verse app.

As the name implies, this app is going to be (partly) exclusive to AT&T U-verse subscribers (incidentally, it looks like it’ll also be exclusive to iOS devices). On the iOS device, toddlers will get to play with a very basic artistic app. The app has two modes – Activity Room and Coloring Pages. Either way, they’ll have a selection of shapes and animals to play around with. They’ll be able to create their own scenes in Activity Room, while Coloring Pages is stocked with simple coloring book activities.

Either way, once your toddler is done creating, you can throw the finished product onto the big screen with one touch. AT&T U-verse actually has a dedicated channel for BabyFirst (channel 310) for this purpose. For toddlers, seeing what they did on the big screen is probably going to be a reward in and of itself, so they should get some solid entertainment out of it.

You can get the BabyFirst app for iOS for free. Anybody can download and use the app, but the television feature is exclusive to U-verse subscribers.

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