One Company is Making Foodspotting Payoff with Free Meals

Birds Eye, the frozen food people, are really into Instagramming food. Preferably, their food. So into it are they, that they’re accepting Instagrams as a form of payment for their food for a few cities in England – for a little while, anyway.

Birds Eye has a new line of more upscale frozen food (yeah, just go with it) called Inspirations, and dressed-up food, as always, calls for the soft touch of an Instagram filter. They’ll be opening up a chain of pop-up restaurants called The Picture House, with locations in London, Leeds, and Manchester. As the pop-up part implies, these will be short lived, but anyone with a smartphone who wants a free meal can head over while the good times last. Instagrams of the food (properly hashtagged, of course) will be all that’s required to pay the bill. If only this caught on with everyone.

So, you get a free meal, they get scads of free advertising, and everyone wins. There’s even an in-house expert food Instagrammer giving workshops, so that’s thrilling. Really, the take home here is that if you’re from one of those cities, you can get a free meal, and that’s alright in my book.

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