BluAnt Pumps Up the Volume with Latest Wireless Bluetooth Headphone: Review

Comfortable gym headphones that are sure to stay in? That would be the BluAnt Pump in-ear bluetooth sportsbuds. The fit is not left up to chance; Pump’s over-the-ear design pretty much guarantees these buds aren’t going anywhere. Jog your heart out and don’t worry about pushing your earbuds back in. The Pumps are sweat proof and designed for fitness, but there’s a good chance they’ll become your everyday headphones.

We’ll be the first to admit, the BluAnt Pumps don’t look especially sexy. There’s a chunky backing to both buds. It turns out that this backing remains behind your ears, and they’re actually pretty discreet looking headphones. The cable between earbuds is just long enough to fit behind big heads. It’s great that the cord is never flopping around or getting in the way. The earbud goes over and around the top of your ear and there’s an optional fit stabilizers that help.

Pump rocks a Teflon coating and Kevlar shielding. There’s no moisture getting in; they’re totally waterproof. The Pumps are very well protected from just about anything.

BluAnt packages Pump with small, medium, and large silicon ear tips. There’s also Comply ear tips that mush up and expand in your ear. These will probably be the best fit, and they’re designed as “awareness tips” so you don’t completely silence out your surroundings.

BluAnt squeezes an 8 hour battery onto the Pumps. That should last most any gym goer the entire week, especially considering the two week standby time. Last minute chargers rejoice, it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery half way. They charge with a standard micro-USB cable.

As you may expect, there are audio controls and a microphone built into the headset. There’s a universal button accompanied by two volume buttons. The universal button turns the device on/off, and controls music and phone calls. The microphone sounds great in quiet environments, but picks up a decent amount of noise in louder environments (like outside on a busy street).

For gym headphones, the audio quality is great. There’s really nice punchy bass that helps you crank out those reps or run that last mile. The highs are really detailed and the mids are clear, though maybe a bit recessed. Again, as gym headphones, they sound fantastic. Outside of the gym, they sound good enough to become your everyday headphones (comfort also plays a large role in that).


Pricing in at $119.99, they’re pricey, but you can most definitely get your money’s worth (especially if you’ve been frustrated trying to find the right gym headphones). It’s comforting to use a pair of headphones that will not easily damage. BluAnt did a great job of designing the Pumps to achieve a universally comfortable and secure fit. The BluAnt Pumps are currently available from Amazon.com.

The Good: Comfortable, Lots of fit options, Water resistant, 8 hour battery, Built in microphone.

The Bad: Controls require getting used to (have to push buttons against side of head), Microphone picks up ambient noise

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