Butterfleye is Not Just Another Home Security Camera


Surveillance cameras aren’t what they used to be. Butterfleye aims to be not just a surveillance camera, but a home monitoring camera – and that means more than just security concerns. Butterfleye wants to record your life, too.

In the same vein as Dropcam, Butterfleye is a camera you can set up to monitor your home, allowing you to check on the stream as long as you have an Internet connection. The camera itself takes 1920 x 1080 resolution video using a wide-angle 3 MP lens. Interestingly, Butterfleye can also operate wirelessly – it pulls off this trick by having a smart camera system that shuts down when no activity is detected. Using sensors, video analysis software, and learning algorithms, the camera will know to start recording if someone comes into a room, which will save some battery life. Butterfleye will also be able to pick up audio, and use that as a cue to start recording. There’s actually two-way audio here, so you can use Butterfleye in a pinch as a speakerphone to talk to someone at home while you’re away.

That’s just the surveillance part, though – what you’ll be looking to use when you’re not at home. When you are home, Butterfleye will continuously record video and capture still images, using body and face detection. That way, if you’re holding a birthday bash or something like that at your house, you can set up Butterfleye in a prime position, get to partying, and then comb through what Butterfleye saw the next day to pick out the best shots. That will all be stored locally and in cloud storage.
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There’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, too, but that’s not just for checking in on the stream or communicating with the Butterfleye app. You’ll be able to share photos and videos directly from Butterfleye, but the coolest feature is that Butterfleye will be able to communicate with other smart devices in your house. The example given was Butterfleye telling Nest to shut down the thermostat if Butterfleye detects that no one is home.

The app ties everything together – you’ll have direct control over most of what Butterfleye is capable of from your smartphone or tablet, although we’re not sure which platforms will be getting that app yet.

You can pre-order Butterfleye now for $200 – the website suggests that Butterfleye will ship in early 2015, but the latest information we have says you can expect a fall 2014 release.

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