HGTV’s “Cousins on Call” Light Up Cree’s LED Bulbs

Cousins on Call HGTV
Design gurus Anthony and John from “Cousins on Call” holding a Cree bulb

Whoa! You still have the old kind of light bulbs? Those suck up energy, man. Fast. It’s seriously time to put aside the whole ‘they’re just not the same’ deal, because honestly, once you switch to LED bulbs, you’re wallet’s probably going to start thanking you. Your electricity rates aren’t going to get any lower, trust me.

Those LED bulbs will soon be easier to find, too. Cree is one of the forerunners of the LED bulb game, and they’re bringing their wares to Home Depot for your perusal. They have 40-watt equivalent and 60-watt equivalent TW Series bulbs available, but either way, you’re going to end up with a lower monthly electricity bill. They use 84 percent less energy, and with normal use, they’ll last up to 25,000 hours. So, you’re saving money twice. They also score high on the Color Rendering Index, at 93, which means these things are good enough for studio sets. Basically, mood lighting, if you have a dimmer switch. The best mood lighting.

Cree Lightbulb

Alternatively, if you’re running a high-security rig outside your compound, you can get the Cree PAR38. Same upgraded efficiency, but these can switch between 27-degree spotlight mode and 47-degree flood lighting mode. Perfect for catching escaped teenagers. They’re also approved for use in wet conditions, so a little fall of rain will hardly hurt them.

All these bulbs are way efficient, come with 10-year warranties, and should be on Home Depot shelves now or sometime in the next few weeks. The PAR38, 40-watt TW, and 60-watt TW will retail for $24.97, $13.97, and $15.97, respectively.



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