Here is the Best Looking Wi-Fi Router You’ve Ever Seen

screenshot_100There’s the longstanding unwritten rule that routers are made to be plugged in, tucked underneath a desk, and hidden from the light of day. But, they make the whole Internet thing happen in your home – truly, the unsung heroes of the technology world.

Well, D-Link wants to start singing their praises. Their new AC750 Wi-Fi Routers are made not only with cut-rate wireless technology, they’re something you actually might want to put on top of your desk for once. The routers are smooth cylinders that come in four colors – red, teal, black, or white. Make jokes about how they look like mini-garbage cans if you must, but you have to admit they look a lot nicer than any router you’ve ever owned.

The new routers come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the fastest currently available commercially, along with dual-band technology to cut down on Wi-Fi interference. One band will be reserved for basic web browsing, with the router switching to the other, interference-free band for more intensive things like streaming video or gaming. And, if you prefer wires, there are four Gigabit ethernet ports on the router.

The AC750 Wi-Fi Routers also come with mydlink Cloud Services. Using an app, you can monitor your wireless network, identifying anyone trying to mooch off your ‘net. You can also use the app to view which websites have been accessed using the router, which is kind of weird. Less weird: a USB port. Using the USB port and the mydlink SharePort app, you can make any files on a USB storage device available on your home wireless network.

You can find the D-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Routers on Amazon now for $80.

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