Doctor Who Dresses are Ready for a Night Out in the Tardis

The Twelfth Doctor is going to arrive, I don’t know, sometime this year. The Doctor comes and goes as he pleases. Point is, before that day comes, you need to regenerate your Doctor Who wardrobe. You may do so with a couple new dresses off Her Universe.

The David Tennant A-line dress is, thankfully, not just a huge picture of Tennant’s face printed onto a dress (hey, you never know with fan gear). Well, maybe that would have worked for some people out there, I don’t know. This is probably preferable – Tennant’s overcoat get-up in dress form. That’s awesome, because maybe we can’t agree on who the best Doctor is, but I think we can mostly agree that David Tennant was the best-dressed one.

Perhaps more unmistakeable is the Blue Dalek Dress, if you’re a fan of the most tenacious exterminators of the galaxy – and, judging by how things wrapped up with the Eleventh Doctor, definitely the most patient. Anyway, the dress – it’s cotton-spandex blend, and it looks like you took apart a Dalek with a Sonic screwdriver and put on its outer shell. The Daleks would probably be proud, more than anything.

The Blue Dalek Dress is going for $35, while the David Tennant A-line Dress is going for $45.

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