These Glasses Give the Gift of Sight, Too Bad Google Glass Doesn’t

The thing about wearable technology, and especially Google Glass, is that it isn’t necessary for most people. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the average person doesn’t need a face computer. So, it’s nice to see a bit of wearable tech that actually does improve lives substantially, even if the result isn’t as much of a looker as Google Glass is.

Yeah, eSight Eyewear is pretty bulky. It’s probably going to earn more askance looks than Google Glass. But, the benefit to people with severely impaired eyesight far outweighs that. eSight Eyewear, based out of Ottawa, is making glasses outfitted with high-resolution camera and dual LCD screens right in front of the eyes. The glasses can be attuned to whatever the person’s vision is – it’s not a solution to blindness, but, in the company’s own words, the glasses ‘maximize the effectiveness of the remaining eyesight.’

There are already reviews popping up on YouTube from visually impaired people that have tried eSight Eyewear, with remarkable success. As one guy points out, yeah, self-consciousness is a factor, but it’s nothing compared to actually being able to get something out of your sense of sight. For the legally blind or severely impaired, it’s a significant piece of technology that can drastically improve quality of life. They’re definitely worth checking out if you or someone you know has severe vision problems.

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