A Gigantic Balloon Animal Just Became Your Next Couch

Big-Dog_silver-01_1024x1024Finally, a balloon animal whose slow death you won’t have to mourn – doesn’t even involve clowns, either! You get a comfy seat, too! So many things going right with this one.

The Fatboy Big Dog is a pretty massive (observe person to inflatable dog seat ratio in above picture) blow-up…chair? Couch? Dog? I’m not sure what to call it, but it looks really comfortable. Bonus points if you’ve ever had dreams (or nightmares, probably nightmares) of giant balloon animals looking down on you, because this guy stands at a little over 8′ tall. Unless you’re in the Guinness Book of World Records, this pooch is going to be looking down on you.

The Big Dog is made of PVC plastic, and you’ll need an electric pump to operate it, because in the plastic family, we’re way closer to bouncy castle than balloon animal here. Best part is that you won’t need to venture out to a carnival to score one – just order one from the comfort of your home (soon to be even more comfortable). Big Dog is $300, though, so I hope you really love balloon animals. There are a couple of smaller members of the balloon animal family, but they have the distinct disadvantage of not being seats.

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