GM is Ready to Roll with 4G LTE, Reveals Pricing Plans

Back in January, we learned that some Chevrolet cars would be rolling off the lot with 4G LTE connectivity through OnStar. We now know that this is going to be a GM-wide rollout, and we know exactly how much those in-car 4G LTE subscriptions will cost you.

Starting with 2015 models, 4G LTE will be appearing in Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. There’s another pretty awesome curveball that GM is throwing us – vehicles with 4G LTE connectivity will also act as Wi-Fi hotspots that can handle up to seven connections at once. So, family members can use their devices in the car, instead of using 4G coverage from your wireless carrier. Of course, data used in the car will count against caps on your OnStar subscription (we’ll get to those soon), but at least you’ll have some more flexibility in managing you and your family’s overall data use.

Subscriptions will depend on whether or not you’re already subscribed to the regular OnStar service – but seeing as how most of those 2015 models will come with five years of OnStar’s Basic Plan, that shouldn’t be a problem. OnStar 4G LTE monthly subscriptions come in 200 MB, 1 GB, 3 GB, and 5 GB allotments, for $5, $15, $30, and $50, respectively. If you’re not an OnStar subscriber, the 200 MB and 1 GB monthly costs increase to $10 and $20. You also have the option of paying for data by day or by year – $5 for 250 MB/day, or $150 for 12 GB/year ($200 if you aren’t an OnStar subscriber).

For specifics on which 2015 models will have 4G LTE connectivity, check the press release below.


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