Dress Up Your Wearables with These New Accessories

screenshot_88Some would say wearable tech like fitness trackers are accessories in the first place. If that’s the case, Griffin now has accessories for your accessories – they’re coming out with a few little things to help you wear those devices in different ways.

Like it’s often been said, wearable tech is necessarily tied in with fashion. That’s one of the approaches Griffin is taking here. The Ribbon Wristband is a stretch wristband that conceals fitness trackers like Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, and Sony Smartband. They’ll be available in packs of two, containing black and pink wristbands and silver and purple wristbands. There are also Caps, which are maybe the most ridiculous tech accessories of all time, but hey, if you want them, you want them. They are – no joke – alternate sync/charge plug caps for the Jawbone UP or UP24. These will come in packs of three – silver/black chrome/black or iridescent faceted/gold/black faceted.

There are also more practical accessories in the pipe. The Sleep | Sport Band is a soft lycra band that can hold a wide variety of fitness trackers. It can be worn on the wrist or bicep, and is a more comfortable way to wear your tracker if you’re planning on keeping it on you 24/7. These come in black, but have reflective accents for extra safety and visibility at night. The Shoe Pouch for Fitness Trainers is a small pouch that you can thread shoelaces through. This will hold your tracker securely, if you don’t want to wear the tracker on your arm while you’re active.

All of the new accessories are $20, with the exception of the Shoe Pouch, which you can get for $15. They’re all available to order now, and will ship in four to six weeks.


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