Grovemade Wooden iPhone Bumper Review

Handcrafted in the good old U.S. of A, Grovemade’s wooden cases are examples of true american craftsmanship. To that effect, the folks over at Grovemade have literally put together some of the nicest iPhone cases we have seen to date ,which are made of all wood construction. These cases are precision machined and hand sanded and oiled in Portland, Oregon. In particular, their bumpers for the iPhone 5S and 5C manage to accent the iPhone without covering up the “natural beauty” of its backside.

The details in these wooden bumpers are superb – there are speaker holes at the bottom, and the volume and power buttons have been cut out perfectly into the wood. That said, inserting the iPhone 5S into the bumper is a bit tricky – you’ll want to follow the included instructions on how to snap it into and out of the bumper, so that you don’t end up scratching your phone. On the other hand, inserting and removing the bumper for the 5C is a lot less delicate. Speaking of the 5C bumper, the bumper helps make the 5C easier to grip. It’s also one of the nicest 5C cases we have come across, especially considering that so many of the 5C cases out there are quite unattractive.


There is unfortunately a significant drawback to these lovely wooden bumper cases from Grovemade. And that is that they while they do look and fit beautifully on the 5S and 5C, they don’t offer serious protection from drops – at least not for the 5S. I dropped my gold iPhone 5s on the street while it was inside the Walnut iPhone Bumper and the front display shattered into pieces… But as long as you can take into consideration that Grovemade’s iPhone bumper is less about protection and more about style, than you will enjoy pimping around your phone in this case. Just don’t drop your phone like I did.

The iPhone bumpers from Grovemade retail for $39.99 and come in a choice of Walnut or Maple.

The Good: Beautiful craftsmanship, sleek design, wood is chic and so much cooler than plastic, Not made overseas like so many other cases are, Works with all front and back screen protectors

The Bad: Won’t fit with every dock and lightning cable, iPhone 5S bumper does not offer adequate protection from drops