We Found the Perfect Gun Sling for Geeks

Tomorrow at noon. Instagrams at ten paces.

I mean, this is the Internet we’re talking about, so your honor has probably been slighted at some point in the last hour anyway. Demand satisfaction by drawing your tablet out like Clint Eastwood as you prepare to unload a chamber full of fiery comebacks and snarky retorts related to the presumed intelligence level of that one guy on the forums.

The tabletHolster is a shoulder-worn holster for tablets and smartphones, in case you want to bring out the lighter firepower. It’ll hold a 7” tablet, a 5” smartphone, and whatever else you probably carry around on a daily basis. You can even listen to your get pumped playlist easily – there are holes to thread headphones through in the device pockets.

I don’t know if you can spin a tablet around in the same way you can a six-shooter, but if you’re going to get the tabletHolster, you should at least give it a try. There’s only one cool way to put things away in a holster, after all. The tabletHolster is available now from Urban Tool for $160.

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