The Garden Hose Gets a Makeover with a Feminine Twist


So, I’ve been looking at these for a while now, and yeah. They’re hoses made to look kinda like designer purses. I spent another five minutes staring at them to try to disprove that notion, but nope. That is definitely what they are.

Hey, you know what, image is everything. If you’ve got a garden going on in the backyard, and the standard green garden hose is going to clash with the decor, then that’s not OK. Thank goodness we have Garden Glory, saving us from dreadful backyard color combinations with their new swanky hoses, including something called a Gold Digger Hose. I am mesmerized by the fact that something called a Gold Digger Hose exists.


Actually, these hoses are more than just pretty colors. They’re legitimately good hoses – there’s knitting-reinforcement around the inner part of the tube, which prevents kinks from forming, while the outside is dirt-repellent and UV-protected, so your pretty new hose stays bright and colorful throughout the summer. But, more importantly, they’re pretty, and they’re going to tie your lady-garden together.

Speaking of bright and colorful, the hoses come in pink, black, grey, white, and our aforementioned gold. You can get one for $180. While you’re at it, do get a $500 aluminum reindeer wallmount to wrap your new hose around, because at this point, why not?

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