8 Instant Gratification Apps That Should Satisfy Everyone’s Needs – Immediately

Everything. Now. Want. You probably don’t even want to read this intro. Instant gratification apps. Below. Get them.



This isn’t even instant gratification – it’s just flat-out important. Getting an appointment with your regular doctor takes forever (national average is three weeks). Calling around to a bunch of doctors is probably going to waste hours. ZocDoc, as all good apps do, makes things way more efficient. By getting a bunch of doctors’ schedules together, ZocDoc is able to find you a doctor available in your area instantly. People usually get appointments within three days on ZocDoc, and you won’t even have to wait until the doctor’s office is open to book an appointment.



Need a ride? Lyft brings one to your doorstep (or wherever you are) on demand. If you start feeling antsy while your chariot is being dispatched, you can actually check where you ride is on the map, so you’ll have an idea of how much longer you’ll need to (deep breath) wait. Also, you can pay using your phone, so you don’t need to worry about having cash on you, which you never have. Uber also does this, but Uber does not have pink mustaches on their cars. Hence, Lyft.


Hotel Tonight

Hotels across the nation are partnering with Hotel Tonight, giving them control over their unbooked rooms for the night. Hotel Tonight then makes them available to you. Now, booking hotels is already pretty much instant gratification as long as you have access to the Internet. But, instant gratification is always better when you throw hundreds of dollars of discounts into the mix, which is what Hotel Tonight has to offer.



Manicures, pedicures, hairstyling, whatever. It’s all yours with a few taps on an app. StyleSeat finds beauty professionals in your area, along with their schedules. You can grab the next appointment available, and check reviews and ratings to make sure you get the gratification, not just the instant.



OK, behind ZocDoc up top, the next-most important app to society is this one. I say that because the act of trying to find parking is probably worse for your health than what anything else on this list is addressing. SpotHero won’t help you with street parking (there’s no help for street parking), but it will find you the lowest-cost parking lot or garage near where you’re going, and will let you reserve a spot ahead of time. So, when you need to be somewhere, just head straight to your reserved spot and park, instantly. This app will probably add five years to life.



Don’t want to clean your apartment? Don’t want to even look at what’s going on under that shower drain? Is building IKEA furniture just too far beyond the maximum level of effort you’re willing to sustain? Get on Handybook, where you find cleaners and handymen (and women!) to come out to your place – as soon as the next day – and handle the job. As with everything on this list, it’s perfect if you want to find the lowest possible price, fast.


Get Maid

Here’s one just for the NYC people. Get Maid is one of the most instant of the instant gratification apps, too. Forget about getting a maid to clean your place the next day – Get Maid will get someone to your place within two hours. How many atrocious apartment parties are going to be cleaned up using Get Maid? The mind reels. I’d say this app relieves that headache, but no, the hangover headache will still definitely be there. At least you can just lay in bed instead of clean!



Traveling is, by wide agreement, pretty awesome. And some people can go travel, not plan, and have an awesome time. That’s great! But, some people need a plan, and the actual planning part is less than fun. So, get a personalized, hand-picked plan brought to you, with no work on your part. Just head over to Viator, pick your destination, and you’ll get a travel plan jam packed with deals, activities, and tours sure to make your journey a memorable one. No work, all play.

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