New Telecope Transforms Your iPhone 5 into the Ultimate Star Gazer

It’s nice getting outside the city and seeing a sea of stars on a clear night. But, for the avid smartphone photographer, trying to capture the moment usually doesn’t go as well as hoped. After all, that’s a long way to zoom. You’d need quite the lens.

A telescope will do. Thanko has a 100x zoom telescope with a handy attachment that lets you fix your iPhone 5 to the telescope to take pictures. It’s a full kit, complete with tripod, case, two ocular lenses (SR4mm and H20mm), a 1.5x erecting lens, and a 12x lens. Most of those are so you can get great looks at the night sky, while the 12x lens is more for checking out the world around you close up – try to put that to good uses, OK?


But, for those with eyes to the sky, it’s a decent telescope, and probably the best way yet to take good, solid pictures of the night sky with your iPhone. The iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope is selling for $382, plus $89 for shipping, from Japan Trend Shop.

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