Do You Miss TRON? This iPhone Case Should Take Care of That


If you squint hard enough, you can even see the tiny lightcycles zipping around the back of this case.

The Sparkbeats case for iPhone 5/5S definitely has a Tron vibe to it, and it certainly earns the distinction. Instead of just being your run-of-the-mill light-up case, the Sparkbeats case takes in light, which is reflected inside the case all around to light up the little track that covers the back of the case. It’s a single-layer case made of ABS plastic, so it’ll do well to prevent scratches, but I wouldn’t go dropping it – for the sake of the case or your phone.


The light show gets a little more interesting if you download the free Sparkbeats app. You can set the lights to pulsate along with movement or, true to the name, along with the beat of whatever music you’re playing. Daft Punk, obviously.

The Sparkbeats iPhone 5/5S case is available now on BiteMyApple for $50.

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