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Jabra Rox Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review – Gym Headphones Never Sounded Better


If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, then consider going wireless. The Jabra Rox Wireless will have you wondering how bluetooth headphones can sound better than wired headphones. Powered by Dolby Sound and protected against water, sweat, and dust you’ll want to rock the Rox everywhere you go. You may also find Rox to be the ultimate gym buddy.

The Jabra Rox is two large earbuds connected by a two foot cable that’s actually kevlar reinforced. On the cable is a ControlTalk with microphone, volume buttons, and universal button that can control power, pairing, voice activation, phone, and music controls. The earbuds, which are on the chunkier side, manage to pack in all of the technology, including bluetooth 4.0, NFC, a 6 hour battery, and even the micro-USB charging port.

The Rox come with four different types of ear tips and three sizes of “ear wings”. Everthing is sized small, medium, and large, plus one of the ear tips is double flange. Just about anyone can find the perfect fit. The shape of the large ear bud also helps maintain a good fit inside your ear.

6 hours of battery is enough to get most anyone through the day, though it is on the slightly shorter side for bluetooth headphones. Nicely enough, standby time is 8 days and to conserve battery you just touch the two earbuds together and they’ll magnetically link and go into standby mode.

When it comes to audio, you’ll find Rox is appropriately named. The audio quality is fantastic. It’s detailed, crisp, full, and loud. As gym headphones, they’re the best we’ve heard. As everyday headphones, they’re top of their class, especially for bluetooth. The bass is full and responsive. The mids are well balanced and rich. The above-average sound experience is also well complemented by the great fit and seal; great noise isolation. Also, to get more out of the Rox sound experience, you can download the Jabra sound app and use the Dolby Digital Plus sound equalizer. The Rox’s microphone also worked out very well. Jabra knows bluetooth headsets, so it wasn’t surprising that Rox sports noise cancellation for voice calls. The microphone works just as well as Apple’s wired microphone.

Buy it!

The Good: Great sound quality, Comfortable, Lots of fit options, Good noise isolation, Dolby Audio, Wireless, Good inline microphone and controls, LED indicator light, NFC, Magnetic power-saving, Micro-USB charging, Included carrying pouch

The Bad: Battery life could be longer, EarWings fall off sometimes