Kenneth Cole Awearness Bracelets Shines the Spotlight on AIDS Awareness

In 2008, Kenneth Cole started Awearness, a foundation to encourage social change in a few key areas like HIV/AIDS prevention, civil liberties, freedom of expression, and disaster relief. The foundation addresses those issues in a lot of ways, from fundraising to donations of clothes to supporting volunteer efforts. And now, they’re supporting the foundation in the most fundamental of ways – bracelets!

Kenneth Cole now has his own take on the ubiquitous cause bracelet. The Awearness bracelets have plates of black, silver, or pewter, and come etched with messages like ‘Be Awear,’ ‘I Have Issues,’ or ‘Just Cause.’ 100 percent of the profit from the sale of the bracelets go to the foundation, which could go to a lot of places. Awearness has a history of working with many different organizations and individuals, like Sundance and amFAR, which is concerned with AIDS research.

The bracelets are all $15, and come in different colors on the plate and the wristband.

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