Looking For a Way to Tote Around Your Mac Pro?

Think cases are just for Apple’s mobile devices? Oh, no. They go all the way up. There’s now a backpack case for you to tote your Mac Pro around, along with all your accessories.

The Mac Pro fits snugly into the nylon Mac Pro Go Case, which is great, because if you just carried the Mac Pro around without a case, people would probably be tempted to try to play paper toss with it. There’s a hard piece of plastic on the bottom for support and a small pouch that fits onto the top of the bag, which can hold a mouse, cables, and the power cord. On the back, there’s a slot for your wireless keyboard, but it looks like the top of the keyboard will be exposed, so don’t use this in the rain.

The Mac Pro Go Case is selling now for $130, but it’s currently sold out. That said, you won’t have to wait long for a fresh batch – shipments should resume on June 5.

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