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New Maleficent Dolls Are Simply Stunning, Wings and All

Well, well Maleficent is almost here – can you taste it? How wonderful. Back in February, we got a sneak peek at the first of many Maleficent dolls that would be hitting the market just in time for the movie premiere. But while Aurora might appeal to many, our heart is set on Maleficent herself – and Jakks Pacific was kind enough to make not one, but two amazing life-like dolls of this infamous villain.

The first doll we saw earlier this year was the Maleficent: 11.5″ Dark Beauty Maleficent Doll that is draped in stunning black lace materials and curved horns. Not only is the outfit striking on the doll, but so is Angelina Jolie’s piercing eyes and cheek bones. As a matter  of fact, the actress had her faced scanned in 3D so that the doll would be especially realistic looking.

The last Maleficent doll of the collection is the Royal Coronation version. What makes this one more impressive, albeit more costly than the Dark Beauty doll, is the inclusion of Maleficent’s fabulous wings. Dressed in that outfit, this 11.5” doll is as beautiful and dark as you would expect her to be. Unfortunately, the wings are not detachable and have been inserted into the dolls backside. Fortunately, both wings are beautifully modeled and move slightly. Maleficent’s hair is also exposed with this doll, and it is long and brown just like the actress portraying her.

No matter what, if you opt to go with either of these Maleficent dolls, you won’t be disappointed. Both are stunning replicas of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and each bring their own menacing glare with a touch of silent beauty. Maleficent: 11.5″ Dark Beauty retails for $19.99 and Maleficent: 11.5″ Royal Coronation Collector Doll retails for $39.99.

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