McDonald’s Inspired Moschino iPhone Case is Delicious Enough to Eat

I don’t know if anyone’s a big enough fan of McDonald’s to plunk down $63 for a plastic case that looks like a box of fries, but, just so you know, you definitely have that opportunity now.

In a thoroughly baffling move that I’m assuming proves I don’t understand luxury, high-end brand Moschino has a new polyamide plastic case that looks like a box of McDonald’s fries. Except, the M is a little different, for obvious reasons, and it says Moschino. That last part is what I’m guessing takes what would normally be a $5 street vendor case  and turns it into a $63 case you buy from a website that has a pseudo-sparkly background.

This is luxury branding at its most hysterical, so that’s pretty enjoyable on its own merits. The case supposedly fits the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, but that’s probably not quite right, since the 5C has different dimensions that require its own cases. I guess this plastic case that looks like French fries is too dignified and luxurious for that distinction to matter? That’s what I’m going with, anyway.

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