New Technology Transforms Any Surface into a Touchscreen

screenshot_99We don’t have enough smart things. Just look at that table. It’s just sitting there, being a table and nothing else. It has some coasters on it, maybe. It does not inspire excitement.

Well, pretty soon, tables might be able to get you excited – and you won’t even need to get a new one. MUV Interactive, a new start-up out of Israel, is working on new technology that can be paired with projectors to turn any surface – including tables and couches – into auxiliary touchscreens for your devices.

That all goes down with a sensor attached to the projector and a little device you wear on your finger, called the Bird (no, you don’t wear it on that finger – well, I mean, I guess you could). MUV Interactive isn’t saying much about that sensor yet, but the Bird looks to be the star of the show. First, you’ll hook up one of your devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop, doesn’t matter – to a projector, then point it at whatever surface you want. Once you turn it on, you’ll see, say, a projection of your smartphone’s screen on the couch. Using the Bird, you can interact with that projection like you would with your smartphone’s touchscreen.

That technology is going to require a lot of refinement, but MUV has already made great strides. Currently, you would be able to use both touch and gesture controls, thanks to depth sensing. They’re also boasting pixel-point accuracy, with up to 20 meters range. MUV’s device supports surfaces of all sizes and projectors of all kinds – it’s out to make even old tech (or not tech at all) part of your daily interaction with the high technology.

It’s hard to say when we’ll actually see this tech come to market – MUV is still developing the technology and looking for more investment capital. That said, you can check out this video on Bloomberg TV, which shows the prototype working well enough to do what it promises – turn a couch or a table into a touchscreen.


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