Pedometer Wrist Watch is also a Wearable Thermometer

Pedometer_Wrist_Watch_has_aNeed more choices when shopping for fitness trackers? Sure, why not? Here’s another one – a bright white wrist-worn tracker with a couple optional extras you might not find on some other fitness trackers.

This one has a white band with a pretty large LED display, which by default shows the time in very, very large numbers. More importantly, it tracks steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. It’s at a disadvantage because it can’t sync up with any app for at-a-glance review of information, but this tracker makes up for it with 8 GB of internal memory, so you can look back through a long history of fitness stats just by using the device itself.


A couple other extras that might interest you are an altimeter and a thermometer – they don’t come standard, but if you think they’re worth adding on, they’re there for the taking. This Pedometer Wrist Watch is shipping out now, and starts at a little over $33.


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